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Mr Sekiguchi, president and owner of Sekiguchi Co., Ltd creates the very first Monchhichi combining his already existing product inventions, Kuta Kuta monkey plush with vinyl face and GeGe thumb-sucking fashion doll. Monchhichi is born as twins, a girl and a boy, and quickly appears as a big hit in Japan!


Monchhichi range gets wider with the addition of separately sold accessories, playsets and outfits, as well as big size models. It also features a TV spot.


Major debut for overseas exportation. The brand quickly conquers Europe, mainly German speaking markets and France, before going to the USA. The character really starts becoming a cute global icon in the 80’s. Its hardly spelling name leads some markets to localize it. Thus, it’ll be called Kiki in France, Moncicchi in Italy and Chic-a-Boo in the UK.


This year witnesses the first licensed merchandise release, as well as the grand-parents models launch. These would even be relaunched in 2015!


The Brand is being introduced in the Asian markets like China, where it quickly becomes a real fashion accessory and is featured on a lot of licensed goods.


For the 30th year anniversary, a wedding is celebrated in Tokyo with the human-size Monchhichi mascots.


Monchhichi babies, Bebichhichi are created !


Sekigiuchi gives life to Monchhichi dolls by producing 26 short episodes of a stop-motion puppet animation.


For its 40th anniversary, Monchhichi original name is now being used worldwide over local exceptions.


The adventures continue with new animated characters!


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