About Sekiguchi


Pink Lady is the first of her kind …

… she easily wins every little girl’s heart.

Opa und Oma

Grandparents as Market Innovation

From autumn a pair of grandparents will be introduced and available individually for retail. The Monchhichi family is thus complete and children can immerse in trans-generational role-play.

 Opa und Oma


30-year Monchhichi anniversary – Bebichhhichi's birthday

To mark Monchhichi's 30-year-anniversary Sekiguchi introduces the younger generation – the cuddle baby friend Bebichhichi.


New Appearance

Blue-eyed Monchhichis have now got brown eyes – to match their fur – and thus have got a new appearance.


Monchhichi and the pacifier

Monchhichi no longer sucks his thumb, but from this date has a pacifier. In the 80s experts recommend stopping thumb-sucking as this might lead to orthodontic problems.


Life-sized Monchhichis

For events and parties Sekiguchi have designed the first Monchhichi costume. It is soft and fluffy and life-sized – and certain to put a sparkle in children's eyes!


Monchhichi goes to school

Since 1978 Monchhichis are equipped with pre-school uniform, shoulder-bag and lunchbox to prepare kindergarten kids for their new challenge.


Monchhichi Boutique

Whatever Monchhichi may be doing: From now on suitable outfits are available.



The creation of Monchhichis

Prefecture Tokyo

After research with prototypes such as Kuta Kuta monkeys Sekiguchi developed the first Monchhichimodels – a pair of boy and girl twin monkeys with human face. From then on they became cuddly companions in play.


Sekiguchi's early stages

Prefecture in Tokyo

Monchhichi's story began in Tokyo in 1918 when Koichi Sekiguchi founded the firm. Initially the family business produced dolls, collectable dolls and soft toys.